A Long Way Around (for little to no gain)

February 24th, 2009 by vinbarnes 1 comment »

Am I the only one that gets miffed trying to read gists without wordwrap? The answer is probably Yes but that's not the point. Here at OG we opt to use gists instead of the ubiquitous Google Docs for editing everything from our bylaws to t-shirt orders. This is serious stuff. And unfortunately, I don't have a Kindle to better my reading experience.

The point is that I usually click the raw link, cut and paste into TextEdit and proceed to read with wordwrap. Ugh. It feels like someone tossed a bag of frozen peas at my 21st digit...

The first pass of this used appscript to open the contents in TextEdit after automating the downloading of the raw content. But then I found out about qlmanage, the hidden, unsupported Quick Look simulator/debugger in Leopard. So of course, I used it instead! Achtung baby!

To quote "Lonesome" Dave Peverett,

I feel good. I feel alright!