Fight on, fight on for ol' Jax State

August 25th, 2008 by ymendel 0 comments »

That’s about a Jacksonville in a different state, but how can you resist any song containing the lyric “We’re proud that we’re from Alabama!”?

Maybe I’d be more impressed if the author bothered to rhyme it.

The boys of OG Consulting have returned to their homeland from another 3-2-1 excursion into Hashrocket territory. Posting about the previous time gave a look into the 3-2-1 experience. This time was similar, yet not exactly; different, yet not hugely so. There were some problems that came up in the post-mortem last time, and those were largely taken care of. Of course, we had different problems this time (isn’t that always the way?), and we tried to address those as quickly as possible in a mid-mortem instead of waiting until the effort was over.

And on top of that we had a big ol’ storm harassing us. I whipped up an image to give a feel for that adventure.

It looked like planning for an extra weekend on the beach and bringing bathing suits was going to end up a waste, but Fay passed us on Friday and we were able to enjoy Saturday outside. Rick and I have the sunburns to show for it.

Shout-outs this time to everyone mentioned in the last post, of course, and also Sandro, Carmelyne, Les, Wes, Esther, Lark, Alex, Corey, and Dan. And of course a special shout-out to Mark for putting us up again in that sweet condo. Three bedrooms, three guest stars, three members of OG Consulting. Maybe a third 3-2-1 is called for.

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