All together on three

July 20th, 2008 by ymendel 6 comments »

Last week was quite an experience for the good folks of OG Consulting. We were all down in Florida working with Hashrocket on a 3-2-1 project, and they don’t mess around. Well, they do mess around a bit, but in the fun way, not that “Who cares if nothing ever gets done?” way so many of us are familiar with.

The best description we could come up with to describe the week was “a boot camp we were paid to attend”. The pace was definitely different from our usual, and we don’t pair the way they do (or “at all”, according to Obie). The former comes from the 3-2-1 concept, and as for the latter, well, we don’t have an office with 30” monitors. On top of that were the new technologies and tools we were working with: Haml, jQuery, Google Maps API, Pivotal Tracker.

Now, we were all familiar with these things and had experimented with them a bit, but nothing large-scale. It takes some doing to work on something significant using a tool you’re not comfortable with, especially when it would involve either putting client work aside or just deciding to start up a client project using it, running the risk of delivering an inferior product. And in either case, it’s not the same as being on a project with someone experienced showing you the ropes.

There were many, many great points during that week, too many to go into. Simply meeting and hanging out with that group (shout-outs to Obie, Ben, Durran, El Tigre, ReinH, Veez, Zach, tpope, et al.) was a ball. The hospitality and friendliness was almost staggering at times. And it all came down to the four of us cleanly (and with tests) getting a client a better app/site in three days than someone else could do for him in six months.

And, of course, the partying.

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  1. Rein Henrichs Says:

    Cheers, guys! We all enjoyed having you. Heh.

  2. Veez Says:

    It was a blast having you guys in town. And thanks for the complementary write-up.

    (The first person to reply to this post is almost certainly a werewolf.)

  3. Ben Says:

    I found Yossef’s Wig

  4. Yossef Says:


    You’re coming dangerously close to being banned outright from further comments. I’m going to need you to verify your identity

  5. Miles Says:

    Lead the way, Obie. Showing the world how you and Hashrocket do development is inspiring.

    I’m sure there’s a documentary or reality-TV-like program in there somewhere (heck I’d do it if I could get down to Florida somehow :)

  6. Corey Grusden Says:

    It was great to meet you guys! Maybe we can all do a macro-triathlon. haha

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