We came. We talked. We eventually post slides.

June 15th, 2008 by ymendel 0 comments »

So if I wait for Kevin to post something about RailsConf 2008, it might be out in time for Vegas. I’m still wondering if anything will pop out of his notes about going to Scotland on Rails back in April.

We spent a week in wonderful Portland, mainly because we could. We had some good times and good conversations with good people, which is what conferences mainly mean to me. And we gave a talk.

The talk was a bit of a stress point, especially as ideas kept changing, slides appeared, disappeared, and were moved around. The final incarnation gelled pretty close to actual talk time, which may or may not be a surprise to others. This was my first experience giving a talk, and I think the panel format had some definite pros and cons. It was at least a bit daunting to be given the keynote room, and with literally tens of people in there to hear what we had to say, we had our work cut out for us.

In the end, it went pretty well. Rick said he would’ve been happy if just one person got something out of it. Since at least three people came up to us and said they really enjoyed the talk and that it spoke to them, I figure we hit 300% success.

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