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From the #railsconf irc channel:

olabini: so there are two different constructs that are commonly (apparently incorrectly) called metaclass:
dchelimsky: 1. the current object's singleton class
dchelimsky: 2. the current object's class's singleton class
olabini: yeah
dchelimsky: eigenclass is the name for 1, iirc
dchelimsky: so what's 2/
dchelimsky: ?
olabini: and 2 is the class's eigenclass
dchelimsky: LOL
rickbradley: eigendaddy
dchelimsky: I want *one* word
olabini: hahaha
miloops: lol
rickbradley: ;-)
dchelimsky: eigendaddy it is

Just one more OGC value-added service for the Rails community.

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