RubyConf, with extra Epcot action

November 10th, 2008 by ymendel 0 comments »

Another RubyConf has come and gone, and nothing really makes a conference special like driving over 10 hours in each direction. That wasn’t my specific experience because I had some other engagements that turned the trip into a Houston/Austin/Orlando flying junket, but the other two guys can tell you all about it. The drive back started with breakfast at the most amazing McDonald’s we’ve ever seen, possibly the most amazing in existence. It’s a shame we didn’t think to get proof of the crazy.

But there’s more to a conference than the travel, like staying at a resort hotel with a lazy river. And drinking beer while having testing-related conversations with wonderful members of the community. And racing go karts.

There were also talks, of course. I was on the roster as part of the “Two Turntables and a Git Repo” talk, which went swimmingly. Mr. Ben Bleything and I apparently know how to please a crowd, and I like to think maybe they actually learned something as well. This time I’m not going to bother putting up my slides on slideshare because they don’t make a lot of sense without me and without the music. Confreaks were there, so the video will do the subject more justice.

Anyway, you really want to see the video of Aaron Patterson and John Barnette presenting about Johnson.

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