OG C(odez)

January 17th, 2008 by rickbradley 1 comment »

Well, in addition to getting a bank account, OG Consulting is now one step more official – we’ve now got a project tracker thingie-thang (a redmine installation) over at tasks.ogconsultin.gs. This means you can now find a (beta-quality, since that’s about the quality of redmine’s git integration) git browser for both the nihilist chat robot and the Object Daddy. We’ve got bug tracking, wiki’s, all that nonsense, and private project space to work on clienty things (that’s where we keep the combo to the safe and the map to Yossef’s secret stash of “Def Jam: Fight for New York” cheat code books).

You can also now git clone both Object Daddy and the nihilist_bot (the patient listener running ni.hili.st):

… git clone http://git.ogconsultin.gs/object_daddy

… git clone http://git.ogconsultin.gs/nihilist_bot


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  1. Yossef Says:

    This is BS, man. I don’t cheat!

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